Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Street View Added to Building Maker

Neighborhood in Sapporo, Japan
Downtown in Helsinki, Finland
Business in Seattle, Washington US
Builder Maker  is a Google Earth, Google Maps And Google Aerial Imagery interface to help you create 3D models for Google Earth. But Now Google added  a Street View images to Google Builder Maker.
Now you can grab a Street View image, align it with your building and then use the image as the texture for the building.

watch the video below to see how it works :

Six new cities  added to Building Maker:

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Florence, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Santa Cruz, CA, United States
Riverside, CA, United States

All The cities in Builder Maker have Google’s oblique aerial imagery. It is therefore a pretty good guide to which cities will have aerial views soon added to Google Maps and the Google Maps API.
Here’s a little something I put together to compare Bing Maps Birds Eye view with aerial view in Google Maps:

 Bird’s Eye View

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