Saturday, March 21, 2009

3D Ocean Models Tour


This KML is a simple placemark tour of the models created by the SketchUp team in Boulder, Colorado for the launch of the new Ocean feature of Google Earth 5.0. The models are currently in the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth 5. They can also be viewed in the 3D Warehouse in the 'Google Earth - Ocean Layer' collection -

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Current (30 day) Arctic Sea Ice Concentrations and Extents

National Snow and Ice Data Center

Providing a near real-time examination of current sea ice concentration conditions in the Arctic, this KML allows you to view the previous 30 days sea ice concentration, gathered from satellite data up until the present day. Updated daily, this KML which is presented as a series of animated overlays, can provide useful data to those studying climate change, in particular the potential for sea levels rising. To view the animation, simply open the KML file and press the play button located in the top section of the image viewer. Note: It is likely that you will need to allow the animation to run through once or twice to enable the image overlays to load fully.

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